What This Guy Did With His Food Is The Most Ridiculously Brilliant Thing Ever. WOW.

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Romanian artist Dan Cretu is what you might call a neonaturalist.

Having started out his artistic life as a church painter right after University, he now creates fun items from food that we can’t resist.

Dan creates popular fun items we see everyday like cameras, bikes, shoes and soccer balls using food items.

In short he creates things that makes you say ‘Hmmmm’

Considering the short life span of his finished work, he photographs them within 4 hours of piecing them together

Hope these images inspires you to let your creative imagination run wild this weekend and sculpt your mounds of stuffing and mashed potatoes into something clever!

1) Vegetables Seascape

Vegetables seascape

2) Zucchini Matchbox

Zucchini Matchbox

3) Cucumber Camera

Cucumber Camera

4) Flower Gun

Flower Gun

5) Fruits and Veggies Stereo

Fruits and Veggies Stereo

6) Orange Bicycle

Orange Bicycle

7) Orange Camera

Orange Camera

8) Pepper Chopper

Pepper Chopper

9) Pepper Gouaches

Pepper Gouaches

10) Popcorn Man Drinking Coke

Popcorn Man Drinking Coke

11) Seeds Soccer Ball

Seeds Soccer Ball

12) Set Square Boat

Set Sqare Boat

13) Vegetable Bird

Vegetable Bird

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