Every City Should Have One Of This Bridge. It’s Ridiculously Fun And Brilliant!

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Imagine bouncing on a trampoline bridge across the river Seine to office everyday!

If the The Paris-based architecture studio Atelier Zündel Cristea have their way with the ‘Trampoline Bridge concept’, this might just be a reality for the populace of Paris.

Trampoline Bridge concept tries to persuade visitors and inhabitants to engage on this playful bridge or path when crossing the river. It’s going to be one of a kind inflatable bridge that features giant trampolines for anyone to feel the excitement of floating above gravity as they bounce above the river.

Why a bridge? According to the designer, Paris needs bridges and passages for the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic across its waterways.

Dangerous? Maybe.

Unrealistic? Probably.

Really, really fun? YES!

Personally, if I was a daily Seine commuter, I’d totally opt for jumping to work across the massive trampoline than taking a cab.









Source: AZC Studio

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