About Square Dash

About Square Dash:

Why are you doing this?

Aren’t we all busy enough as it is?

Yep, I guess we all are.  That said…

We’re Gen X and Gen Y folks just like you. And we got tired of the boring Facebook statuses from our friends. So much that it gave us the motivation to start one of the coolest site on the internet.

Square Dash is part of the Longril digital portfolio which consists of the other popular blogs like earthdazzle.com and inspirationdash.com

So are you internet ninjas?

Not sure about that (!).

What do you really want to do?

Every time we post something for you, we want to make sure that it’s short, to the point, interesting and sharable.

Here’s how we see it. You invest a few minutes to read something we put out. We make you some return on that investment. Well, not in actual dollars of course — sorry.  (At least not from us.)

Cool, I wanna sign up!

Here you go….

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